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About the ring

A webring is simply a sharing of links on a common topic. I plan on making this ring available to all people who make sound happen for theatrical performances.

This Ring is open to companies that manufacture equipment for sound reinforcement, Sound Effects libraries, playback devices, etc. as well as the individuals that compose the music and design the sound for theatrical productions.

For more information about how WebRings work, please visit www.webring.org.

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Joining the Ring

The process of joining the webring is fairly simple. First, follow the link below and hit the "Submit Site" button. You will need to create an account with the WebRing system. You will then get a screen confirming the receipt of your submission. You will also be sent an email with the HTML to include on your page. Please note the RingID that you are assigned. If you ever need a copy of the HTML required, you can find it on this page, or the through the WebRing system.

You can always change the information that the webring has about you and your page at any time. The email that you receive upon addition to the ring will tell you how. Please keep all webring messages that contain your ID numbers and passwords.

When you submit your site for inclusion in the ring, you are not in the ring quite yet. You are first put into the "queue" to get into the ring. When you have put the HTML in your page, email me to let me know that you are finished. I will take a look at the page to make sure that it relates to Theatre Sound, and that the correct links are there. Then I will add you to the ring.

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