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Man, has it been a long time between posts here.  We just got back from a FANTASTIC vacation, and I’ll put some photos up as soon as I weed through them a little.  But here’s something from a few weeks ago to tide you over:

NYPD Hard At Work

I not only love that the NYPD is finding more creative and expensive ways to avoid walking, but the looks on the people’s faces in the background is priceless.

Here’s another fun shot.  I’m going to be helping move AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY literally next door to another Broadway house.  It’s cool that there’s 2 marquees for the same show on the same block:

August Marquee

So, until I get through my latest pictures from vacation, those will have to do.

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This info is all from Democracy Now.

Here are some pictures from the Jamaica Air Train Station the night that Sean Bell was murdered by police.

Bullet 1

Bullet 2

Bullet 3

This station is 1/2 a block away from the shooting, and elevated above the street. So the stray bullets were, apparently, not even aimed towards a car on the ground. The older man was almost struck by the bullet. The man in the front of the picture is from the TSA, and barely blinked an eyelash. He calmly turned around like someone was playing golf. I, for one, am glad that Bush made the TSA non-union, low-paying and having low education requirements. All you need is a GED and a desire to make $24k/ year. (Job Posting)

There were also 2 police officers in the station. They thought that they were being fired upon, and radioed in for backup. One of them slipped and fell, and filed an injury report. Too bad the groom couldn’t do that as well.

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Sometimes you just want to send people back to NJ…

Flippin' Apple

Can’t believe I missed this guy! I probably walked within a block of him on the way to the theatre this morning…

Photo taken by neps.

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