Ah- so glad to be back at the Old Globe!  And such an AMAZING play to be back with.  It’s the kind of play you long for as a sound designer- amazing story, fully developed characters, a touch of magic in the middle of a play grounded in reality. There are moments in which the characters fully enter their imagination through music and dance.  Matthew is seriously channeling Tennessee Williams with this one!

The play takes place within a Puerto Rican family in New York in 1959/ 1960 as their neighborhood is being torn down to make way for Lincoln Center.  The music for this one is gong to be fantastic- zigging from Bernstein to the zags of Tito Puente and Tito Rodríguez to bopping with Mingus and being with Spike Jones.

Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre at the Old Globe, San Diego

  • Written by Matthew Lopez
  • Directed by Giovanna Sardelli
  • Choreography by Greg Graham
  • Scenic Design by Campbell Baird
  • Costume Design by Charlotte Devaux
  • Lighting Design by Lap Chi Chu
  • Sound Design by Jeremy J. Lee
  • Featuring:
    • Juan Javier Cardenas
    • Benita Robledo
    • Priscilla Lopez
    • Jon Rua
    • Leo Ash Evens
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